Clay Showalter

Clay ShowalterBaritone :

Clay's musical journey began in early elementary school with his participation in his church children's choir. After about 5 years worth of choir involvement at his church, he took somewhat of a break from singing and then again became involved in choral music when he began attending EMHS in 8th grade. Singing at EMHS opened up a new world to Clay, and he enthusiastically took part in nearly every musical experience he encountered. He sang in the junior choir as an 8th grader and then again as a sophomore. As a junior and senior, he participated in the Senior, Touring, and Chamber Choirs. After high-school, Clay attended Hesston College in Kansas where he sang with the Bel Canto singers for two years. During this time, he also helped to found a 6-member all-male a cappella group named Emancipation. After leaving Hesston in 2000, Clay transferred to EMU where he sang in the Chamber Singers and co-managed and sang in Full Table. Clay completed his schooling at EMU in the spring of 2002 with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, a concentration in communication, and a music minor. After graduation, Clay served for a year in the Mennonite Voluntary Service program in Chicago, where he worked at Erie Neighborhood House.

Clay is married to the lovely Joanna Showalter, and they reside in Harrisonburg. Together, they enjoy making music (Joanna sings in Shekinah), cooking, and gardening.

Clay has a media production and consulting business in Harrisonburg.

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