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Where Did The Inspiration Come From?

In the spring of 2000, Matthew Hunsberger and Bradley Yoder put their heads together to form the group which came to be known as Full Table. The two, along with the help of Clay Showalter, co-managed the group and for two years, Full Table flourished.

In June of 2002, after performing more than 100 concerts and producing 2 successful CD projects, Full Table disbanded due to the diverging paths of group members. Several members of the group, including Bradley and Clay, moved out of the Harrisonburg area.

Full Table, along with other musical experiences, had instilled in many of the group members the desire to continue the tradition of a cappella music. So it was no surprise when Matthew and Clay began to talk about forming a new all-male a cappella singing group as early as the fall of 2002. Clay returned to the Valley in August of 2003, and planning began in earnest.

Where Are We Now?

As we talked about what we wanted the group to be and do, we came up with the 4 points that you see in our group mission statement on the homepage of our website. These points are what we view as most important as we begin this new venture. Matthew Hunsberger has written an article that further explains our mission statement.

We have sung in a wide variety of venues, from church services, community events, schools, to chapel services, and in a variety of other settings. We have produced 4 CD projects, and have travelled around the country to promote our mission and music.

We held auditions in late October, 2003, and the group was announced on November 1. Since that date, nearly 8 years of rehearsals, concerts, recordings, social gatherings, and traveling have taken us places we couldn't have imagined.  We hope you'll join us on the road ahead!

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