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Joel has been heavily involved in music since elementary school, acquiring lessons and ensemble experience in violin, trumpet, and voice. He also likes to dabble a bit in the excruciatingly common instruments such as piano, guitar, and tin whistle, though he uses these primarily in corporate musical worship leadership. He began attending Messiah College in Grantham, PA in the fall of 2001, and graduated with a degree in Music Education in May, 2005. While in college, he developed some very dear friendships, participated in a number of very meaningful musical experiences, and grew in his knowledge and faith. He also had the opportunity to found and lead Ichthys, an 8-member male a cappella group similar to Sons of the Day. Joel enjoys continuing to participate in vocal ensembles including Sons of the Day, Chantry, an Early Music ensemble based in DC, and occasional performances with the choir of the National Cathedral.

Joel is currently employed in Shenandoah County, teaching string orchestra and choir at Signal Knob Middle School and string orchestra and music theory at Strasburg High School. He tries to spend as much of his remaining time as possible playing soccer, baking cookies, making tea, and creating delicious meals with his wife, Julianne. Joel and Jules live in Broadway and attend Shalom Mennonite Church.

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